Get Peace of Mind With A Certified Pre-Owned Cadillac

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If you want peace of mind and an added bit of assurance when you buy your next car, the Cadillac Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) program is a great option. Buying a Cadillac through the CPO program comes with many advantages, including knowing that you are getting a car that’s been carefully vetted for quality and has our rigorous stamp of approval. When you get a CPO Cadillac from Shaheen Cadillac in Lansing, you know that you are getting a quality car to begin with. However, the Cadillac CPO program takes quality assurance to the next level.

What is The Cadillac CPO Program?

Like many automakers, Cadillac has a Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) program that gives you an added layer of protection, and in turn peace of mind, when you buy a car in Lansing. Cadillac’s CPO program requires a 172-point inspection to carefully check each Cadillac inside and out before it is listed for sale. This inspection surpasses the inspection criteria for most other cars on the market.

Additionally, you’ll get even more perks. Shaheen Cadillac’s CPO vehicles come with a one-year limited warranty with unlimited mileage coverage. Lansing drivers will also unlock the benefit of receiving nationwide coverage for your Cadillac. If your Cadillac happens to need repairs or a tow to the nearest certified Cadillac dealership, you will have that coverage provided through the CPO program. As long as the warranty is in effect, your Cadillac will also have access to 24-hour emergency roadside assistance. If you have a flat, need a new battery, run out of gas, or encounter any other problem when you are out on the road in the Lansing area, the roadside assistance program has you covered.

Value and Reliability

From its extensive inspection process to generous warranty and other perks, Cadillac guarantees its CPO vehicles have value and reliability. You’ll get a great car that’s carefully inspected for quality assurance with a CPO Cadillac.

Find Your CPO Cadillac At Shaheen Cadillac in Lansing

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