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The Cadillac of today is not the Cadillac of yesterday. A blend of performance and sleek luxury models fill Cadillac’s lineups now with new tech features that set the brand apart from the competition. The model we’re going to revisit today is the CT6 – a refined presidential-esque ride with a few notable features that we’d like to touch on.

1. The Security System
These days, for Cadillac it’s not enough to just have an alarm. Cadillac wants to help you catch anyone that tries to break into your prized possession. How are they working towards that? The CT6 has a security system that takes pictures all around the car when the alarm is triggered. Images are stored within the car and can be accessed by a memory card later. It should be noted this feature is standalone and can be turned off if drivers wish.

2. Available Night Vision
Yeah, you read that right. The CT6 offers an available night vision system that helps to identify people and large animals while driving in the dark, and brake automatically to avoid collisions. Grandma won’t need to worry about any reindeer in this car on Christmas Eve.

3. It’s Lightweight Frame
The CT6 is a big car but because it is constructed with 11 different metals, it weighs as much as the small CTS sedan. This weight savings transfers to better fuel efficiency in the long run.

To learn more about the CT6, reach out to Suburban Cadillac of Lansing and schedule a test drive.

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