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It’s not new news that Cadillac is evolving and redefining what it means to drive a performance luxury car. What is new news is the Cadillac ATS continues to find new areas to outperform its competition. The 2016 ATS is lighter and more aerodynamic. If you want a swift and agile ride, you’ll want to test drive the ATS. Below are the top four features to make note of if you come test drive the 2016 ATS at Suburban Cadillac of Lansing.

1 It has a powerfully efficient engine

The ATS boasts an engine that outputs 272 hp and offers 295 lb-ft of torque; it jumps from zero to 60 mph in 5.4 seconds and limits fuel consumption to 22 mpg in city and 30 mpg in highway. Not many engines can perform like that.

2 It’s technologically advanced inside and out

The CUE infotainment system has an 8-inch touch screen with navigation, plus apps like Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. 4G LTE Wi-Fi service is available to keep you connected to the digital world while you drive.

3 Safety first is a must

Blind spot monitoring and lane-keep assist are only two of the safety features that make the ATS one of the safest vehicles on the road. The ATS packs six radars, two cameras and eight airbags. We think that makes for a pretty safe ride.

4 Refined comfort

Sitting in the vehicle is its own benefit. Stitched leather seats, climate control and plenty of leg room make the ATS just plain comfortable. The best way to experience the interior is sitting in it.

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