Lease expiring soon? Are you close to your miles?

Whether you want to avoid expensive over mileage fees or are simply looking to get behind the wheel of a newer and fresher ride, Shaheen Cadillac offers a number of Lease Pull Ahead options to get you out of your current lease and into a brand new Cadillac car, truck, or SUV.

Don’t worry about the length of time left or the amount of your payments – Shaheen Cadillac has your solution. Our leasing options will ensure that you satisfy your previous lease terms and are still able to afford monthly payments on a new Cadillac.

Option 1: Return Your Lease and Walk Away

If you no longer need the vehicle you have been leasing and you don’t need a new one to drive, then you can just return the vehicle to our dealership and walk away. You have no further obligations and no further fees to pay.

Option 2: Return Your Lease and Lease Another Cadillac

Do you love the feeling of driving a new car? When you return your lease and trade it in for a new Cadillac to lease, you can enjoy driving a new vehicle every three years. Enjoy the prime years of a vehicle’s lifespan and that new car feeling and trade in your lease.

Option 3: Buy Your Lease Outright

Do you love the vehicle you have been leasing and want to keep driving it? At the end of the leasing period you can buy your vehicle outright and take ownership of it.

Reasons You Might Want to Terminate Your Lease Early:

–   You’ve driven it more than planned and are now almost over your allotted miles.
–   Your large SUV is not fuel-efficient enough to affordably handle your new commute.
–   You no longer need a vehicle at all, or you want to buy instead.
–   The sedan you’re currently leasing is no longer suitable for your growing family.
–   The small coupe you drive isn’t right for the rough terrain that you now travel.
–   You need to cut back your monthly spending, and returning your premium truck is the way to go.
–   You are unsatisfied with your lease and the model you selected.

Regardless of the reason behind your lease-end decision we can help you. Ask us any of your leasing questions!

Simply fill out the form below and one of our Lease Pull Ahead Specialists will be in touch shortly with more information, or chat with one directly at (517) 272-6837.


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